Treat yourself to a Boudoir photo session to celebrate who you are with a set of smouldering images of you looking your most beautiful. Book your session just for you as a self-indulgence or as gift for your partner.

What to bring 

On the day, bring along your fave set of lingerie and arrive in full make-up, with hair done – unless opting to have your make up applied in my studio by a professional MUA. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of big heels to go with your outfit!  You may also want to bring a robe to wear.

Your Session 

Your photoshoot can take up to three hours depending on what images/costume changes you require.

 1 to 1 session. No prying eyes.    Refreshments are available at all times.    Relaxed and fun.  Small. friendly, cosy studio.  Each session tailored just for you.  Guidance all the way.

Throughout you photoshoot you will receive encouragement and support to help you pose confidently. This is all about you! Getting images you can be proud of and gaining body confidence in the process is what this is all about…oh, and knocking your partner’s socks off too, if you have one!

Your Finished Images 

I edit your chosen images after discussing with you, to ensure you look your most wonderful: 
 Adjusting tone and airbrushing skin.  Removing blemishes, scars and stretch marks.  Enhancing make up or hair if necessary.

Once this process is complete, you can either choose to view your images online via a private link or you can come back into the studio to view a slide show. The latter is often best, as you can comment and express preferences with regard to editing.

The turnaround for image processing is usually within four weeks. If you have a specific deadline sooner than this, please let me know so that I can prioritise. I will work all night if need be to get them to you on time! Once you have chosen your favourite images, they will be mounted and presented in a luxury portfolio keepsake box. Alternatively you have a choice of buying them individually, part of a print package or supplied to you digitally on a USB stick for you to own outright.  Please ask for details.


For a small fee to cover transport, I can also shoot in your own home if you prefer, either utilising a particular room as a setting or by bringing a suitable backdrop, space permitting. So, if you want to look wonderful, what are you waiting for? Also, if you were wanting to have an amazing keepsake of your session, how about enquiring about my Boudoir Gift Box? See you soon!