Babies and Toddlers


Having a new addition to your family is an absolute pleasure but those first few weeks it can be difficult regarding the timing and routine of your little bundle of joy’s sleep and feeds. With your newborn baby’s health and safety a priority, I can arrange to take photographs of your newborn either in my warm studio or in the comfort and warmth of your own home at a time to suit you – and baby too! The whole process of set up and photoshoot will take approximately one hour. A family group shot is also possible in your own home, space permitting.

2 – 3 months

As your baby gets bigger and stronger, he or she will begin to be able to raise their head when lying on their tummy. This is an ideal time to have another baby shoot, your baby looking toward the camera unsupported for the first time. This can also be shot in your own home or in our small studio.

Older Babies

As your child grows, he or she will now be able to sit up by themselves or even start to crawl! With the help of a lot of brightly coloured objects and silly noises we can hopefully illicit a few smiles and get some excellent shots of your baby’s progress and emerging character, to not only delight you; but your own parents and relatives too!


Toddlers are a little harder to photograph due to the fact that they want to zip around all over the place, especially so if around the age of 2 years old! As a parent myself, I acknowledge and understand that need and so try to capture it on camera, rather than stifle it. With the aid of a lot of patience, distraction and a quick trigger finger, I aim to engage and capture, preserving your toddlers character and joy to enhance your memories of this pre-school period of your child’s life.