Baby Bump

Your Baby Bump shoot 

  There is no need for you to be self-conscious or apprehensive about being photographed in my friendly studio, whether by yourself or with your partner. Your wishes are paramount, so if you have any preferences or ideas of your own regarding style, please bring any images along with you to discuss beforehand. Preferably, they can be emailed the week before so that I can set up lighting and backdrop accordingly.

  Not sure what to do or how to pose? No problem! I will guide you all the way and help you relax. Being a proud owner of a Baby Bump is truly worth celebrating  and  having beautiful images of that wonderful sight is a must for all new parents. It can be a very emotional and happy period in not only your life, but that of your own parents and relations too.

 What to wear 

This can be dependent on the style of your shots regarding lighting and background. As a general rule, don’t forget that we are promoting your baby bump and so anything that reveals it, such as an unbuttoned blouse/shirt/croptop or cardigan works well with leggings/un-buttoned jeans or maternity trousers. Of course if you want to be photographed in your underwear or even nude to create a beautiful, feminine arty image, that’s entirely up to you. Whatever feels comfortable and whatever you want your finished pictures to capture and evoke at this special time in your life.

 Location Shoots 

  If you prefer to have your maternity photographs taken in the comfort your own home or an outdoor location with artificial or natural light, no problem! Your living room, bedroom or even the nearby woods or fields, I can bring my mobile equipment to you at a small cost, depending on distance travelled. It’s entirely your choice and we will use whatever means available to create an image you will love.

My Timeline Package 

 I can also offer a unique set of prints showing your whole pregnancy (usually starting after the first three month period) from start to finish. Simply book your sessions once a month for the remainder of your term and pop in for a photoshoot. We will then edit these images to appear alongside each other in a panorama to provide a unique visual monthly record of the progress of your baby belly! Then, when your bundle of joy is finally born, you can pop in for a FREE newborn shoot to complete your story.