Photo Makeover

Currently, I do not offer a full makeover service on site but can perform a similar makeover virtually, using my photoshop skills. I can manipulate your photographic image to a point that you are happy with.

Not only can I restore images overall, I can also retouch your photos of loved ones to remove spots and blemishes, improve complexions, remove red-eye and wrinkles. I can even apply make-up and tidy your hair!

I can repair, enhance, retouch and restore any of your cherished photos that may have faded, been damaged or torn, back to their former glory. This can be performed on either on prints or digital images.

 3 Retouching is done on all your photoshoot images as part of our service but if you require retouching on your own prints that you bring in, all are quoted according to the extent of work involved for a very fair price.



Photoshop skills 100%
Illustrator skills 100%
Lightroom skills 100%